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MJM Global LLC

To reach, teach and restore - reclaiming lives, communities and nations for the glory of God.

By the will of God, we are charged with equipping Believers to realize change, healing and power that breaks negative and destructive habits, behaviors and strongholds (evil). 

It is our desire and prayer that we demonstrate love, sharing and support to our sisters and brothers. 

We will impact the earth (By the Will of God), reach those who are bound,

teach biblical principles, and restore wholeness.  

Restoration Partnerships – is a dynamic support system rooted in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for women, men and their families. God gave Minister Melissa the Restoration Partnerships mentorship model as a tool to share love, hope and healing. 

At MJM, you will learn how to apply spiritual principles as the solution to challenge, address and overcome every issues that weigh you down and kept you bound you in sickness, spiritual immaturity, dysfunction, hurt, abuse, addictive behaviors, etc.

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