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It's a lifestyle

Living my best life, now! Or are you putting it off until tomorrow? We all have heard it said and have probably recited these words ourselves that "tomorrow is not promised". Probably after some tragedy that has occurred and we have been jarred to remember that the people we love, the things we like to do, the dreams we want to fulfill and even our longevity and mortality are all merely fragile and unanchored, here today and gone tomorrow. Dr. Myles Munroe once said, “The wealthiest place in the world is not the gold mines of South America or the oil fields of Iraq or Iran. They are not the diamond mines of South Africa or the banks of the world. The wealthiest place on the planet is just down the road. It is the cemetery. There lie buried companies that were never started, inventions that were never made, bestselling books that were never written, and masterpieces that were never painted. In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential.” What's in your way? What's gnawing at you or keeping you up at night? How many times have you said, "I want to visit there" or have you started writing your book but it's still not finished? Me too! But, I want to encourage you to be gentle with yourself and to keep at it. We can learn to be intentional about our intentions. "To use your energy to fuel your vision, values and your voice - in the direction of your destiny" - for the uplifting and encouragement of others.

Stay woke spiritually! We (who are in Christ) have been promised a gift of abundance. Are you living a life of abundance? Not materialistic stuff but a life so contagious with hope, joy, benevolence, mercy, justice, and love. And each day we can claim our gift of abundance so that our lives (gift, talents, and abilities) spill over unto the lives of others. Life is too short so don't put it, whatever it is, off another day. Finish strong no matter how long it takes. You are not alone and you have been equipped to complete what was imparted in you as "a finished work".

Living my best life, now - is a lifestyle choice deeper than a movement. Cancel being distracted, derailed or debunked but rather focus on being woke! Walking bolding into life abundantly! Shalom Blessings.


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